Royalty Free adaptive music solutions for innovative sonic adventurers that care about how they sound. 

Music With AI Super Powers 

Patented technology means music retains human emotion across genres and styles and can be shaped around user need. The perfect song or stream, available at the touch of a button, with no disruption to creative flow or user experience. 


Increased demand for music and new technologies are changing how we interact with content. AI Music technology powers user co-creation, to create fully licensed music solutions that meet these changing demands.

Technology That Works Like Magic 

Our technology powers cutting edge dynamic music via elegant, lightning-fast APIs that can be easily integrated to any application. Enabling you to deliver seamless dynamic music experiences. 

A New Way To License Music 

AI Music enables users to create on-demand royalty-free music that can be used and shared anywhere. Simple, friction-free, Music As A Service licensing model offers transparent and scalable pricing regardless of where and how users want to use it.  

Advertising and Media

AI Music's adaptive music technology can be used to create on demand music sound beds to generate audio visual creative at a scale and speed otherwise not possible. 

Social Apps & Video 

Give users the opportunity to find, edit and play with music, safely all in app. AI Music delivers a risk free experience for users to find music that powers their expression.

Gaming, Apps & Digital 

Dynamically create remixes or music that adapts to user interaction. Soundtrack in app or game activity with adaptive music that creates hugely engaging experiences. 

Fitness & Wellness 

Improve performance and increase monthly user engagement with music that fosters peak performance. Our APIs give you full control with a wide selection of music choices specifically made for fitness.

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