Music Drives Personalisation

Inspire people with personalised, relevant and compelling video content powered by high quality music

Current challenges with music in apps
Expensive music production

Bespoke music production is expensive. We give you producer powers with quick and easy remix capabilities.

Poor quality 

Commercial music can be expensive and production music sounds generic. Our high quality music delivers personalisation at scale.

Copyright takedowns

Copyright infringements can lead to poor quality user experience and content takedowns. With our music you deliver a risk free experience for the users. 

Increase user engagement  through music personalisation

Build a custom music library into your existing product via our API and provide your users with a seamless music experience.


Help users find the perfect song, available at the touch of a button, with no disruption to creative flow or user experience.


Our technology allows music to automatically fit itself to video and allows your users to adapt it to fit their needs.

License music the same way you license software

Our royalty free content means you can use your assets in every way you'd like, hassle free. It's cleared globally and for all platforms so you don't have to fear copyright infringements.

Increase speed to market

Our library stores over 20,000 tracks, available on demand via API with a hassle free licensing. Music that automatically fits itself to any custom length. It's like magic! 


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