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Spark Foundry and AI Music Introduce AI-Generated Creative for Audio Ads

Partnering with Spark Foundry’s innovation team and AdsWizz, AI Music’s Sympaphonic ad technology makes it possible to bring deeper personalization to audio advertising. 


AI Music’s proprietary artificial intelligence engine produces ad creative that seamlessly integrates with the listener’s music, creating a less disruptive and more personalized audio advertising experience.

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Generated 238% higher engagement

20% reduction in production costs.


Cox Communications were looking for a way to create more personalized experiences within audio advertising. By giving listeners brand experiences that were more relevant to them they wanted to increase the effectiveness of their ads. However, creating fully personalized audio ad experiences which scale can be time consuming and expensive.



Spark Foundry used AI Music’s technology to produce a new type of audio ad that was distributed on AdsWizz digital audio advertising platform. AdsWizz provides robust genre targeting across the leading audio publishers in both the US and Europe. 


AI Music’s proprietary artificial intelligence tools, enable real-time shape shifting of existing music and audio assets. With our technology Spark Foundry were able to create dynamic and personalized audio ads, which complimented a listener's music genre within the ad, all in under 10 minutes. 


Our innovative techniques reduced the standard production time, enabled make the media budget go further, and saved time for the agency to focus on other more strategic tasks.


The Cox audio campaign, led by Spark Foundry with technology from AdsWizz and AI Music, produced significant reduction in time to market, and a 20% reduction in production costs.

They experienced over 95% reduction in production time, and AI Music versions generated 238% higher engagement than non AI Music versions running on Pandora.

Across genres, AI Music versions had an average of 40% higher engagement than non AI Music versions, and on average, AI Music versions drove 5x greater efficiency in contributing to Cox business objectives compared to other audio tactics.

Over 95% reduction in production time

"This innovative technology accelerates our speed-to-market and, most importantly, speaks to our customers in the tone and style that is consistent with their preferred music genre."

Mollie Andrews, Vice President of Marketing, Cox

About Spark Foundry

Spark Foundry is a global media agency brand within Publicis Media, a key division of Publicis Groupe [Euronext Paris FR0000130577, CAC 40]. Spark Foundry's bold vision harnesses a startup spirit with a powerhouse soul that melds an entrepreneurial, innovative business approach with the full resources, capabilities and marketplace clout of Publicis Media. With 4,000 employees across the world, the agency brings the heat with the best industry talent and a growing footprint of offices in key markets including the U.S., UK, MENA, Poland, Australia and China.

About AI Music

AI Music is a London based AI company led by CEO, Siavash Mahdavi. AI Music is on a mission to change how music is created, experienced, and interacted with. With deep experience in AI and music, the company is leveraging proprietary technology to evolve music from a static, linear experience to one of dynamic personalisation and co-creation. AI Music is backed by world-leading AI and machine learning investor, Alpha Intelligence Capital, and previously part of the famous Abbey Road Studios Red incubator programme in conjunction with Universal Music Group. 

About Adswizz

Adswizz are the leading global digital audio advertising solution provider, headquartered in Silicon Valley, with a presence in 39 countries.  We build the intricate ecosystem that enable digital audio advertising transactions to flow easily between buyers and sellers. We understand that audio as a medium is different. It has the power to inspire, engage, and change people. And we are committed to unleashing that power and helping our customers and listeners have a better experience.

Our Awards

Omma Award received by AI Music
2019 Media Elements/Audio
The DrumAward received by AI Music
2019 Most Effective Programmatic Media Partnership: AdsWizz, Spark Foundry, and AI Music