Music Is Core To Your Workout 

Improve your app performance and increase monthly active users with music that fosters peak performance.

Current challenges with fitness music
Music search is time consuming
 Poor quality user experience

Curating the right playlist for a workout is time consuming. Our intelligent music filtering let's you browse based on BPM, mood and more for quick and easy playlist curation.

Music can be expensive, production music is often generic sounding, which results in poor quality user experience. With our music API you have full control over the output and a wide selection of tracks specifically made for fitness.

Bespoke music production is expensive

Bespoke music production is expensive. We give you producer powers on tap with quick and easy remix capabilities.

Improve app installs and retention rate

Set the right mood for a productive workout  and motivate your users through the music curated to boost their fitness performance. 


ARPU growth and session duration growth
Grow ARPU and session duration with personalised experiences

Our intelligent song search based on mood, tempo and genre will drive lasting consumer engagement for any on-demand or live streamed fitness session.

Increase speed to market

Our library stores over 20,000 tracks, available on demand via API with a hassle free licensing. Music that automatically fits itself to any custom length. It's like magic! 

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