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Music Scales Engagement

Podcast perfect music for creators that want to sound different.

Current challenges with podcast music 
Time consuming

Searching for the right music is time consuming. With mood, genre and tempo filters you can search through our library and find the perfect track in no time.

Licensing is complicated

Our music is royalty-free which means our music licensing is simple and straightforward. It can be used on any platform, globally!

Expensive music production

Custom music production is expensive. Once you've found the track you like, our tools allow you to edit the music on demand to fit your podcast perfectly! 

Drive listenership and audience retention through high quality music  

We know how important it is to have the right music perfectly fit your content. Our tech allows podcast creators to create a custom track in any genre or length, tailor made for their podcast! 

Forget about complex licensing

Our simple licensing allows you to use our music however and wherever you need. You can edit and adapt it to make your podcast stand out without worrying about copyright complications!

Save money and time with music on demand

With a catalogue of over 20,000 tracks that can be edited in app to create literally near limitless permutations and remixes, we make it quick and simple to find the perfect music for your podcast.

These forward thinking podcasters have found their custom sound with us:

Podcast with AI Music
Podcast with AI Music 2
Podcast with AI Music
Podcast with AI Music 4
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So many people have commented on how the music really pulls them into wanting to listen to the podcast, it’s amazing! It definitely helped me become a new entry at No. 3 of the Apple Podcast charts too!

- Host of Media Hotshots Podcast