AI Music wins OMMA award for Media Elements/Audio Creativity and Ingenuity

This year, AI Music alongside Spark Foundry and AdsWizz were the proud recipients of an OMMA award for Media Elements/Audio. For over 10 years, the OMMA awards have recognised advertisers and agencies for creativity and ingenuity in the digital marketing space.

*UPDATED* 13/11/2020

Alongside Adswizz and Spark Foundry, AI Music were also recipients of a Drum Award in November 2019 for Most Effective Programmatic Media Partnership – thanks to their innovative work with Cox Communications.

The OMMA Award for Media Elements/Audio: The Brief

Increasingly, marketers are demanding more personalisation throughout their digital channels, whether that be social, display, email or audio. Indeed, the data shows that reaching out to audiences on a granular level is the most effective way to prove return on investment (ROI) for marketing spend.

The challenge? Applying personalisation at scale within audio advertising.

AI Music alongside AdsWizz and Spark Foundry set out to solve this challenge. Using our state of the art artificial intelligence engine (Sympaphonic Ads), AI Music developed a programmatic audio advertising format that matched an ad’s background music to the genre of music a listener is already streaming.

The campaign created was for Cox Communications and ran on Pandora, the largest streaming radio platform in the US. Ads were created within AI Music’s Sympaphonic platform and distributed via the AdsWizz programmatic audio buying platform, AudioMatic, to listeners in the US.

Read the full case study to learn more.

The Result? Personalised Audio Advertising at Scale

Ultimately, the end result meant that Cox Communications distributed ads to its audience that were less disruptive, 238% more engaging, and resulted in a 20% reduction in production costs for Cox.

Thanks to the intuitive platform, digital marketers can create ads in 10 minutes or less for every possible audience, matching their preferences for a seamless and effective audio and programmatic experience.

Get in contact with us to learn more about how AI Music can streamline and elevate your audio advertising practices.

Credit for this project goes to Andrew Klein - Director, Innovation, Spark Foundry Maddy Bromberger - VP Connections Director Gareth Deakin - AI Music, Head Of Business Development Garrison Dua, Director Business Development, AdsWizz