Meet the team | Andrew Khavand

Andy is the man behind the music. The library we have behind our Ossia products started in the studio of the music team at AI Music. As a practising producer, successful drum and bass artist and classically trained musician – Andy has extensive knowledge of all things music.


And as Co-Founder of AI Music, he is responsible for much of the magic that goes on behind the scenes to make our music happen. We sat down with him to learn more about his passions, projects and role here at AI Music.

How did you become involved in AI Music and what is your role within the organisation?

I am one of the founding members of AI Music, I met our CEO Sia about 4 years ago. When we met, I was working as a full-time Music Producer and Sia had all these exciting ideas about how we can create music using artificial intelligence. In the beginning, It was just me Sia and Indi. Together, we were brainstorming ideas, and experimenting about where the nexus between music and AI could sit.

At the time, I didn’t think it was a great idea to make music just with a click of a button. As a musician myself, I think it’s important to maintain that element of the human soul and touch that cannot be replicated by a fully automated generative-AI process.

So over the course of a year, we worked out a way that man-made music and AI could come together – that’s when we founded AI Music. My role has adapted and changed a lot over the years, currently, I help produce all the content, test new products, and manage our very own music team as Head of Music.

How do you approach making music at AI Music?

The way we approach music is always with an understanding as to how it will interact with the AI in the process. Using that as a frame of reference, these blocks will be taken and used by our AI engine to scale out each genre. Our mission is always to maintain the human element behind our music. It has to sound like a human has made it and retain that soul and those nuances.

So with the research team, we work closely to build modules that require us to first create mockups, we make prototypes, and then we go to the research team to work out how we can automate our processes for the AI engine.

What’s the most exciting trend in the industry right now?

For me, the most exciting trend is that the process of creating music is becoming a much more level playing field – with software that is so much more adaptive and intuitive.

People who are not as confident can use AI to process different instruments and vocals; there are so many new tools out there! Plugins that generate chord progressions that can help inspire songwriters with their processes as well as multi-sampled instruments that directly replicate live instruments. It’s at a point where you are unable to tell the difference between real or imagined live instrument – which is crazy!

It’s made a dramatic difference to the way we make music here at AI Music as well. It has enabled us as a company to evolve our sound and create a much richer genre base. For example, within the acoustic genre, we now have the ability to replicate the very specific sound of a guitar fretboard when changing a chord.

How do you determine what makes good music?

I think over time as a musician you develop an intuition for what good music is. Whereas anyone might listen to a song and not like it, you can still objectively say what makes good music as a professional producer.

You learn to separate your tastes and analyse songs from a distanced perspective. So for example, you might not like a rock song but it might have a good melody, a good chord progression, and great production which elevates it above the rest.

Where do you get inspiration from?

From all over. The things that influence our music come from all kinds of genres and places. Even from my own career, I have a very varied background that influences my music. I started very early on as a classical musician, then moved into electronic music and now produce drum and bass for my own project, Fade Black, with fellow AI Music Producer, Nick Hunter. When it comes to my tastes, I more often than not listen to RnB – so yeah, a pretty eclectic mix!

For AI Music more generally, what inspires a lot of our innovation comes down to the nature of our team. Everyone thinks a little differently and we end up creating solutions to problems that otherwise individually we never would have been able to conceive.

The project you’re most proud of?

For sure the Lofi House Project. We set out to write this project as an experiment last year, but it turned out to be one of the most advanced projects that we’ve ever done and enabled us to have an almost infinite amount of Lofi house in our library.

Achieving this was a bit of a landmark for us. It demonstrated to us that we could be a lot more ambitious and more advanced with our music than we ever thought possible. Now we know just how far we can take our music, it has inspired us to expand even further as we’ve moved into other genres.

Want to hear more? Listen to the AI Music Lofi Mixtape here

Favourite song of all time?

That's a tough question! I would have to say Girl by The Internet ft. KAYTRANADA. The writing across the board is very catchy from the vocal melody to the baseline, all accompanied by a grooving broken beat and interesting sonics. Its electronic music with a very live feel.

Song you have on repeat right now?

Superego by Cameron Hayes for very similar to the above. It's very well written, great vocal hooks, accompanied by a fantastic mix down giving the track lots of attitude.

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