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In a world where music and audio consumption continues to change and evolve, brands are finding it ever more difficult to engage with audiences in new and innovative ways.

People listen to music at various times in the day, during a wide range of activities, and experience a multitude of emotions. Therefore, advertisers need to be able to complement that and create messages best suited to their context.

To address this, we have created Ossia Studio. Our new audio ad production platform allows anyone to efficiently create a complete audio ad using our contemporary and varied music library.


In three simple steps, you can create audio ads within minutes – scaled to every audience and their preferences. Format agnostic and globally licensed, Ossia Studio is the future of audio advertising production.


The Sympaphonic tool understands the essence of the music being played and takes that information to find the perfect track for your audio advert. The advert can even be beat-matched to the music being listened to, allowing a seamless transition from song to advert and back to song again.

Check out the following example of how an audio ad can completely intrude on a listener’s experience and how we can use our tech to create a more seamless experience.

Listen to this demo

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Ossia [osˈsiːa] is a musical term for an alternative passage which may be played instead of the original passage.


Ossia allows you to be in control of the music you listen to.  By allowing you to mix up your music in any way you like; finding the perfect mix for your mood.  Explore what it’s like to mix and match your favourite artists or create versions that perfectly suit your life.


Anyone who has ever tried to search for the perfect track knows how difficult this process is. Do you search purely by genre or mood? Even if you tried, there is little agreement on how genres are defined. You know what you want in your head but how do you get that across to a content owner without writing the entire song from scratch?  


At AI Music, we have developed a range of tools that finally make it simple, easy and efficient to find your perfect track. 


Our AI powered search engine can analyse your music catalogue and extract information from each track (genre, BPM, key, mood, energy, instrumentation). This can then be used by your customers to better search your catalogue for that perfect track. Your content can also be navigated by importing an external track and returning results that are musically similar.