AI Music’s Ossia Go API platform powers music solutions for a new generation of content led platforms and services. Lightening fast APIs allow developers to access our powerful adaptive music solution and services. 

Audio ad production platform for podcast

IOS application that allows users to directly influence the music they hear. AI Music technology can be used to take traditionally static music and make it dynamic, giving the user to ability to generate remix when streaming audio.  


OSSIA APP for music

Audio Ad Technology

Award winning dynamic audio technology that contextualises and personalities audio ads. Matching music in soundbeds to listener preference in order to drive deeper levels of engagement and reduce friction of traditional interuptive ad formats via native audio ads that put the consumer first.  

Remix - AI MUSIC
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Ossia Radio is a contextual radio channel on YouTube, featuring multiple genre-based streams  of AI Music content and built with our dynamic streaming and transition software. 

VentureSonic AI helps global brands, media companies and agencies reach every customer on every platform with branded, contextualized music. It creates and customises exclusive audio assets at the click of a button.